Over time, governing documents become outdated or unworkable. We’ll help you identify which provisions in your governing documents should be amended. Once identified, we’ll draft the amendment and help the association get the votes necessary for the amendments to pass. 


Community Association Law Group provides numerous legal services for a flat-fee for homeowner associations (HOAs), condominiums, real estate sellers and purchasers, and landlords.  No more unexpected legal bills. Click here for a menu of flat-fee services.


Sometimes litigation is the only answer to solving an association’s problem.  We handle all types of litigation on behalf of homeowner and condominium associations. Our law offices and attorneys will provide you with the advice you need to know to make informed litigation decisions.


Buying a home or condominium is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.  Our firm will review the CC&Rs, Bylaws, reserve funding, and association meeting minutes. Based on our review, we provide potential buyers with an opinion on the “health” of the community. Click here to learn more.


Our firm regularly handles real estate disputes. The types of cases we handle include boundary line disputes, adverse possession, prescriptive easements, and enforcement of restrictive covenants (such as CC&Rs).


If your governing documents are old, drafted by the developer, or merely unintelligible, one of our lawyers will perform a thorough review of your documents.  Governing documents include the Declaration or CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations and Resolutions.

We understand the laws governing homeowner associations (HOAs) and condominiums in Oregon and Washington. The review concludes with written recommendations on which sections or articles should be modified or deleted, along with the reasons why. Our law office also assists with electronic voting, finalizing and recording amended documents with the county records office. 


Most homeowner associations and condominiums experience owners who violate the rules and governing documents. Community Association Law Group will assist your association with compliance and enforcement.


Floating homes and moorage communities are governed by particular statutes.  The nature of these types of communities requires specialized knowledge and expertise.  Community Association Law Group represents floating home and moorage communities in Oregon and Washington.  Some of the services we provide include: revisions and reviews to bylaws, drafting of membership or slip certificates, enforcement, and general litigation.


The creation of a condominium can be complex. Condominium documents involve surveyors and approval from state and local government agencies. We work with developers and property owners to prepare all of the documents required to create the condominium form of ownership.


Your home is your most important and valuable asset.  If your home has construction defects we will assist you with claims against the developer or builder to recover the money necessary to fix your home.  In most cases, Community Association Law Group will litigate your construction defect claim on a contingent fee basis.


Every association depends on owners paying their regular assessments.  Community Association Law Group handles the collection of delinquent assessments, including filing liens and collecting on the judgment.  Attorney fees which accrue during the collection process are billed directly to the delinquent owner. Click here for more information about our collections practice. To turnover a delinquent account, click here for our turnover form. 


Fair Housing claims are on the rise.  You need to know if you’re obligated to make reasonable accommodations or modifications to the association’s property, rules or governing documents.  We’ll guide you through the process so you avoid legal liability.


We handle all aspects of landlord – tenant law, from drafting lease agreements, filing eviction lawsuits, and collecting unpaid rent. Contact our law office with any questions or to meet with an attorney specializing in landlord – tenant law.


Need an agreement with your neighbor to use their driveway? We can help. Our attorneys regularly prepare easements for a variety of purposes, including utility installations, vehicle access, and construction use.