Oregon Landlords and Senate Bill 608

Oregon Senate Bill 608 will likely become law this session. The legislation prohibits landlords from increasing rent by more than 7% (plus a calculation based on the CPI) on an annual basis. 

In addition, SB 608 prohibits a landlord from evicting a tenant after the first year unless: 1) the eviction is for cause or 2) the landlord has a “qualifying” reason. The qualifying reasons include:

1. The landlord intends to demolish the living unit;

2. The premises is unsafe or unfit for occupancy; 

3. Landlord intends for an immediate family member to live in the unit; or

4. The landlord has accepted an offer to purchase. 

If the landlord has a qualifying reason, the landlord must provide notice to the tenant and pay the tenant an amount equal to one months rent. The requirement to pay the tenant one months rent does not apply if the landlord owns four or less rental units. 

Here’s a news article on the legislation.

You can review the bill here.