What Our Clients Say About Us

Last week Community Association Law Group sent an online survey to its clients. Here are some of the things our clients had to say about why they hired us, working with us, and why they stay with us.

  • Kevin is very accessible, knowledgeable and works very hard for those he represents!

  • [The] flat fee pricing got our attention and opened the door, but it was Kevin's personal style, keen knowledge of HOA law and experience with numerous HOAs that sealed the deal

  • The main reason was Kevin's accessibility

  • Flat-Fee pricing, approachability

  • Love the newsletters and being able to search on a topic at the website

  • Great information to send out to our Board members on specific topics as well as keep in a "topics" file in our office.

  • Thought provoking articles

  • Everything went smoothly and all documents were received timely.

  • I am a former board member and currently do the newsletter for our association. I often cite you as a source of information and sometimes use parts of articles or ideas from your newsletter to inform residents on how associations work and what laws/rules regulate us. The articles are useful for educating residents who frequently don't understand how a large association works.

  • I found great information on issues that I hadn't thought about; i.e. how new laws might impact communities

  • You have an epic logo!

  • We were attracted to the Community Association Law Group through the governing document review special offered in Nov, Dec, 2015.