Electronic Voting

By statute, Oregon condominiums and homeowners associations may use electronic voting for association matters. ORS 100.428 governs electronic voting for condominiums in Oregon, and ORS 94.661 applies to Oregon planned communities. (Washington community association may also use electronic voting if the governing documents allow.) In communities where many owners live off-site, this is an effective way to increase participation and voter turnout. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Notice of the electronic vote should be sent via postal mail. The notice should explain what will be voted on and the website address to access the online ballot.

2) The vote is effective as soon as it's electronically transmitted.

3) A vote by electronic ballot may not be revoked.

4) The board must adopt policies or procedures to ensure compliance with the statutory written ballot requirements. Those requirements include specific notice provisions to owners and the right of owners to request secret ballots.

Take a look at a sample electronic ballot here: Sample Online Ballot